Mountains and Ranges of Pakistan

Mountains and Ranges of Pakistan

πŸ”΄1. K-2 is the, highest peak, of Pakistan.

πŸ”΄2. K-2 peak is the ,2nd highest peak of the world,.

πŸ”΄3. K-2 is also known ,Goodwin Austin.

πŸ”΄4. K-2 is present in ,Krakoram mountain range,.

πŸ”΄5. Nanga Par bat, is the part of ,Himalayas.

πŸ”΄6. Karakoram Range links China with Pakistan.

πŸ”΄7. Hindukash range, separates Pakistan from Afghanistan,.

πŸ”΄8. The height of Trichmir peak, is 7690 meters.

πŸ”΄9. The salt range, is situated between rivers soan and Jhelum.

πŸ”΄10. The height of Nanga parbat peak, is 8126 meters.

πŸ”΄11. The height of Himalaya range increases, as it moves from south to north,.

πŸ”΄12. Nanga parbat mountain peaks is called, killer mountain,.

πŸ”΄13. The total height of K-2 peak is 8611 meters.

πŸ”΄14. Skaram ,is the highest peak of the Koh-e-Sufaid range,.

πŸ”΄15. the maximum height of Khirthar range, is2150 meters.

πŸ”΄16. The height of Takhat-e-sulaiman peak, is 3500 meters.

πŸ”΄17. The height of sakasar peak, is 1500 meters.

πŸ”΄18. The highest peak of Himalayas range, in Pakistan is Nanga parbat.

πŸ”΄19. The highest peak of Karakoram Range in Pakistan is K-2.

πŸ”΄20. The highest peak of Hindukush range, in Pakistan is Trichmir,.

πŸ”΄21. The highest peak of salt range, is sakasar,.

πŸ”΄22. The highest peak of, Koh-e- Sulaiman range is Takhat-e- Sulaiman,.

πŸ”΄23. The average height Karakoram Range, is7000 meters.

πŸ”΄24. Chaghi range separates Baluchistan plateau, from Afghanistan.

πŸ”΄25. Ashraf Anan manager of knightfinance co, was the first Pakistani to climb the K-2,.

πŸ”΄26. Five peaks In Pakistan there are higher than 8000, meters,.

πŸ”΄27. The height of broad peak, is 8047 meters.

πŸ”΄28. In 1957 the broad peak was first climbed.

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